Thursday, April 8, 2010

I worked for a lawyer!!

I've been job-hunting the last month or so. I've signed up with one of the staffing agencies here in town, even told them I would do temp work. They have had nothing in the field I'm looking for, until yesterday. I received a call at 1:50, the lady asked if I could work for a couple hours. Since I don't have Jacob this week and I was just sitting here playing the stupid hamster game, I said yes. Thankfully, I had gotten my hair cut earlier in the day so my hair and makeup were done and I just had to change clothes.

The lawyer is located in an old church building and the inside is beautiful! It was worth going just to see it. I've been thinking I would enjoy working for a lawyer, I have even been told recently that I should become a lawyer...I don't have the desire to do that, but I would like to work for one. Now I can say I worked for a lawyer, just wish I had the chance to work on some of the cases and learn about them.

While talking with the lawyer before I left, we were discussing the job market here. He said it's not good. He could think of a dozen people real quick that were looking for jobs. Not a good sign for me, but I'm not giving up...I will find a job.

~ Cassey


Supermanslady said...

I've wished many many times I knew someone who worked for a lawyer or that I was one! Having blended families certainly does make you see the need to have one in your "corner"!

Glad I could be your first follower!!! Will continue praying for the job situation for you! (((HUGS)))

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