Thursday, April 15, 2010

Learning to cook

I already know “how” to cook; I just never really liked cooking. When the older two boys were little, I cooked just about every night. Then I quit and it has been a struggle to make myself cook ever since. I blame it on the limited foods that were liked in the house. I couldn’t cook with onions, limited veggies (had to be can corn, peas, carrots or beans), no casseroles, no experimenting. I cooked the same things over and over and I just got burned out on those few recipes. Or that is my excuse anyway.

Before E and I moved into together he knew I didn’t cook but he loves to so we were all set, he would cook and I would clean the kitchen. While we lived in Louisiana I think I cooked twice. Once we moved to Missouri I started cooking more, I hated for him to work all day and then come home and have to cook dinner. Didn’t seem fair since I’m still looking for a job.

After cooking a few nights one week I was proud of myself and decided this might be something that I can do and actually enjoy it! I ordered a cookbook and can’t wait to get started trying new recipes!! Thankfully E will try just about anything, so I’m not limited on what I can attempt to cook. I will let you know how the meals turn out!

~ Cassey


Supermanslady said...

I LOVE to cook...but hate cooking for just myself. I miss getting to cook for a bunch of people! I have a ton of great recipes I need to share with you.

Are ya'll still picky eaters or does really anything go now?

Cassey said...

Anything goes now!! I love it. One of our favorite smells in onions cooking. I would love any recipes you can share!

Jamie said...

I love trying new things too. I love the website the reason is because you can search by ingredient. So, whatever I have available I just put in the search and it comes up with recipes that have that in it. So easy!

Cassey said...

I like that site. Haven't tried that part of it, I need to though!

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