Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Menu

Our menu for this week

Monday – Shepherd’s pie
Wednesday – Meatloaf (Eric will make this)
Thursday – Taco Casserole
Friday – Sausage Dip
Saturday – Spaghetti
Sunday – Baked Chicken in the crockpot

We are trying to not go out to eat for at least two months. 

~ Cassey


Supermanslady said...

Taco Casserole looks yummy! Not eating out is tough...especially when it's just the two of you half the time. We have struggled with that in the past.

Is there a reason why Eric makes the meatloaf??

Cassey said...

I know about the eating out! We use that for our "us" time too, so we will have to change that and do something else together.

Eric makes the meatloaf because it's a recipe his mom had, I think. Plus he loves to cook and seemed a little disappointed he wasn't getting to cook much anymore. So I am trying to at least one night a week plan for him to cook.
This will serve two things, give me a break and let him do something he loves to do.

Supermanslady said...

Isn't is wild how eating out somehow becomes one of our only choices for "entertainment" as we get older & have little ones around?

Love ya girl! Thanks for your prayers!

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