Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Menu Planning

I found "I'm an Organized Junkie" and decided I wanted to start planning our menu for the week.

One of the things I hated most about cooking is deciding what to fix each night. I am hoping this will also help to make sure I have everything needed to cook the recipes I want.

This is what our menu looks like for the rest of this week –

Thursday – Sandwiches from my new Pioneer Woman's cookbook
Friday – Hamburgers on the grill
Saturday – Migas also from my new cookbook

I’ve started my menu for next week, I plan on having it finished by Saturday and posting on Monday.

Do you plan a menu?  Do you plan all three meals or just dinner?

~ Cassey


Supermanslady said...

It's been crazy - sorry I haven't gotten you any recipes!! I LOVE the Pioneer Woman & have adapted a ton of her recipes. You will love that cookbook!

I try to map out meals for the week, but don't designate certain things for certain know...some days you just don't feel like chicken. I do a lot of prep work on Sundays though - slicing onions, peppers, veggies...that kind of stuff. Have it all ready so all I have to do is toss it in crockpot or skillet and run with it. is great and the Taste of Home magazine - has some really good recipes -and I think they even have a magazine "just for two" or something like that. Might help you for those weeks it's just you & Eric!

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